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What To Pack In Your Kids Dance Bag

Having trouble knowing what to put in your kid's dance bag? Well look no further I am going to let you in on some helpful tips of what to pack in your kid's dance bags.

1. ALL Dance Shoes

Make sure all of the dance shoes that your child needs for each class are in their bags. Kids always need to be in some sort of shoe (except acro class) for their safety. If a kid is in tap class and they do not have their shoes someone could step on their toes with their tap shoes and injure your child extremely. For your child's safety and for them to succeed in dance.

2. Any Extra Shoes & Dance Clothes

We understand things happen and your original shoes get taken out of the bag or forgotten somewhere. If you have old dance shoes, even if they don't fit put them in there. There will be times where your kid will take them out of their bag or leave them somewhere and they are stuck without any shoes. Also make sure they have extra clothes in their bags. Sometimes forgetting clothes happens too. Be prepared and have backup leotard, tights, sports bra, shorts, pants, etc.

3. Hair Accessories

For the sake of the studio bring extra hair ties, bobby pins, headbands, etc. We usually keep a couple hair ties around in case they break but do not always have them here. Pack extra hair ties in case your kid forgets one or theirs breaks while pulling up their hair. Also it is helpful to bring a small hair brush to make it easier for them or someone else to pull up their hair.

4. Snack and Water Bottle

Pack a snack for them that will not go bad or get smashed. You never know when they could use a little boost of energy in between classes. Also keep a water bottle in their bag in case they forget a drink they could always fill the bottle up at the sink.

Have your kids prepared for class each week by checking their bags either before or after class. Having all of these items in their dance bag will help them succeed in their dance career and have them prepared for any situation.

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