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Importance of Being in Class

We love having the kids come to class every week and seeing how much fun they have. We do our best at making sure the kids enjoy coming back to class as well as learning and making improvements. There are many reasons why the kids should be present every week.

1. Progression

We need the kids present so that they can make improvements in the things they are learning. The quicker they pick up skills and perfect them the quicker they can move up. This is important so they are being pushed enough to be learning to their max ability. If kids are missing then they will be behind all the other kids in their class and result in holding them back an extra year more than they need to be.

2. Body Condition

If kids are skipping class often then they miss out on certain stretches and skills for that week. Missing certain things is not good for the kids body. Stretching out every week helps with flexibility and keeping their bodies loose. We also work certain skills and condition their bodies to be stronger. Missing class will result in them becoming weaker and not as flexible as the other kids.

3.Team Player

When kids are showing up every week their other classmates will look at them as a team player. This helps build bonds with the other students that they see every week and form new friendships. We like everyone to feel like they are part of our family and showing up to class will help your kids as well as you become closer with us, and the other students.

4. Choreography for Recital

Our recital is quickly approaching and the recital dances have been started and some of them are even finished. For us to finish the dances in enough time and have them perfected the kids need to be present in class. It is also hard if someone misses a week and we add more onto the dance because then the next week they are here we have to take time out of class to teach them what they missed. This also puts them behind the other students.

5. Perfect Attendance

Any student that has perfect attendance will get recognized at our recital and get a special gift from Miss Mandi. This is such an accomplishment for us because it shows how dedicated the student is about being in class and how much they want to learn.

We understand life happens and gets in the way and it is not possible to come to class every week. But we highly recommend the kids being in class because we enjoy having them and love seeing how much they improve. Nothing is more rewarding than watching a student grow up and improve their dance skills in front of our eyes.

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